Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Property
Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Property07 June 2021 Written by James & George Collie

Did you know almost a quarter of viewers spend less than thirty minutes touring a property they will go on to buy? So your home needs to make a compelling impression, and quickly! Our top 10 tips for selling your property explain how to showcase your home’s qualities and entice prospective buyers with the lifestyle it offers.

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1. First impressions

Kerb appeal is all important. In fact, the HomeOwners Alliance found that for over two-thirds of buyers, their initial impression of a property’s exterior influenced their overall perception of it.

A few simple improvements to the outside of your home could significantly better your chances of receiving an offer:

  • Keep driveways, pathways and patios swept and scrubbed (consider a power-washer!)
  • Mow the lawn and trim back vegetation, especially if it is obscuring light from the garden or windows
  • Refresh exterior paint, including on your front door and window sills
  • Hide bins and other outdoor clutter

2. Spring clean

Not only will mess stop your house from looking its best, seeing your bits and pieces everywhere could prevent a potential buyer from forming a connection with the property, since it is clearly still your space.

A thorough spring clean is crucial! Look at each room as though it belongs to someone else to help you spot clutter you no longer notice. Then, when it comes to moving day, you will be glad you had a clear-out!

3. Maintenance

You might be happy to live with that squeaky door hinge or dripping tap, but viewers will be adding them to an off-putting mental list of tasks that would have to be done should they purchase. Moreover, they may worry that surface-level maintenance issues indicate hidden problems to be discovered.

Mending small snags and perfecting your home’s finish will reassure viewers that the property has been looked after carefully, and they will not have to deal with any small nuisances or nasty surprises.

4. Keep it neutral

We spend our time in a home making it our own, so the idea of returning your house to neutral can feel counter-intuitive. Actually, viewers need to see the potential for their vision – not the finished product of yours. Bold paint choices, unusual artwork and family photographs can all distract a buyer from seeing a room’s possibilities.

De-personalise your property by covering daring paint shades in neutral tones, curating artwork carefully and packing away family portraits. Give the buyer a blank canvas to work with.

5. Defining space

Aim to create the image of a lifestyle that viewers will aspire to by highlighting the purpose of each room. For instance, rearrange living room furniture so that seating faces across a coffee table rather than focusing on the television suggests conversation and shared time. Likewise, lay the dining room table to inspire visions of hosting friends and family. Pinterest is a great source of ideas for small decorative touches that will bring a room alive for viewers.

6. Dress to impress

Creating an enticing impression of a desirable lifestyle does not end with the rooms. Remember, you are the people living that life! Ensure you present yourself and your home to inspire prospective buyers to want to recreate what you have.

7. Make the most of outdoor space

Your garden is an important selling point, so you should keep it as well-maintained as the interior of your home. Put clutter away, keep lawns trimmed and freshen up fences and sheds with a lick of paint. Add a quick splash of colour with potted plants and emphasise how pleasurable it is spending time in your garden with outdoor furniture laid out to take in the view.

8. Know what price is realistic

The Home Report produced by your chartered surveyor (a legal requirement when selling your house in Scotland) will include a valuation. Your surveyor is an expert and understands the local property market, so trust their advice. A higher asking price may put buyers off even coming for a viewing, and you could miss out on your ideal new home because you are waiting to sell.

9. Let your estate agent do the viewings

Leading your own viewings can be disastrous. Viewers may feel uncomfortable being honest with you, meaning you cannot respond to feedback, and you may be too honest with them! Plus, it is hard for potential buyers to form an emotional connection with the house when your own is apparent.

Your estate agent understands how to sell your home. From emphasising the qualities they know buyers will love and assuaging doubts about any less appealing features, to presenting rooms in the best order to impress, their professional touch will ensure buyers see the full potential of your property and can envisage building a life there.

10. Don’t be scared to ask for advice

Whether you are a first-time seller or an experienced property investor, our friendly team are here to answer any questions. We offer straightforward advice every step of the way, including asking price, presentation and marketing, drawing on our years of expertise and thorough understanding of the local property market.  

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