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Our family law team are able to offer comprehensive advice and assistance on all manner of divorce and family law matters. We have wide-ranging experience in this area, including:

In many cases involving family law disputes, we will endeavour to avoid litigation wherever possible. We aim to seek to resolve matters through negotiation or through collaborative law or mediation. We find that this approach helps to reduce stress, as far as possible, for those involved and ultimately may result in a better outcome for all parties concerned.

Our mediation and collaborative lawyers are experts in providing clear advice in a sensitive manner. We understand how difficult it can be when emotions run high and that this is particularly common in family law disputes. We are here to defend your position while also seeking a compromise agreement which allows everyone involved to positively engage with the process.


The breakdown of a marriage, civil partnership, or a relationship where two people simply live together, is extremely stressful for both parties. Numerous issues require to be addressed, some of them immediately.

James & George Collie and their team of Family Lawyers can guide you through the minefield which you may face and help you to deal with all financial aspects following separation including claims for a Capital Sum, Aliment for yourself and any children, a Periodical Allowance after Divorce, your entitlement to a share of your spouse’s Pension and, indeed, Property Transfer Order.

We can also assist you with child related matters, helping you to reach an agreement regarding the arrangements for your children after separation including contact with the parent without full care and control as quickly and effectively as possible. Our family lawyers aim that wherever possible Court will be avoided unless absolutely necessary and at all times will seek to resolve matters through negotiation or through Collaborative Law or Mediation.

If court action cannot be avoided, you can be reassured that your interests will be represented by an experienced team of court solicitors that always strive wherever possible to resolve disputes with the best result for you as quickly as possible. 

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Pre-Nuptial/Cohabitation Agreement

With more people nowadays entering their second or subsequent marriage, or, indeed, deciding simply to live together rather than committing to marriage, it makes sense that the couple put their affairs in order.

Advice can be given regarding the wide ranging matters which can be covered in either a Pre-Nuptial or Cohabitation Agreement to regulate the couples rights and obligations. It is clearly better and, indeed, less costly from an emotional and financial perspective to face these issues before problems arise rather than after.

Collaborative Law/Mediation

The practice of Collaborative Law differs significantly from Mediation. In Mediation, one individual, often a Solicitor, will act as Mediator either himself or with a colleague and will assist the couple to reach agreement regarding the issues in dispute. Legal advice is not given by the Mediator and it is essential in the Mediation process for each party to retain their own Solicitor for receipt of that independent legal advice. Following the successful conclusion of Mediation, the parties Solicitors will prepare an Agreement recording what has been agreed.

In Collaborative Family Law, each party retains their own trained Collaborative Solicitor to assist in negotiating agreement on financial and, if relevant, child related issues. This differs significantly from “traditional” methods of resolving family disputes in that all negotiations take place in “four way” meetings at which the clients actively participate. Furthermore, the parties contract at the very outset of the process not to take their dispute into Court. It is the aim of all who enter the Collaborative Law process to achieve settlement without going to Court or, indeed, threatening to go to Court. Again, when settlement terms have been agreed, the Solicitors acting for the parties will draw up an Agreement recording the terms of that agreement.

Children Adoption and Children’s Hearings

When any family law issues arise revolving around a child, it is essential that experienced and trusted advisors, who are fully aware of the options available, are retained as soon as possible. Our Lawyers have extensive experience of dealing with Residence and Contact disputes in relation to assertion of parental rights and obligations, preparation of Bar Reports and acting as Court appointed Lawyers on behalf of children in Court throughout Scotland. They also regularly appear before Children’s Panels and Sheriff Courts in appealing decisions of Children’s Panels.  

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For information and advice on any family law related matter, please contact Duncan Love by telephone on 01224 581581 or by completing our online contact form. Our family law team can provide specialist professional legal advice for a range of family issues and are here to support and guide you through the legal process.

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