What is a Home Report and Why Do I Need One?
What is a Home Report and Why Do I Need One?24 June 2019 Written by James & George Collie

If you are selling a property in Scotland, you will need to provide a home report for prospective buyers. This is a pack of documents that offers details about the house, providing buyers with upfront information on the condition of the property which will enable them to make informed decisions before they decide to view it. The home report can also offer essential information that should be considered by a buyer before they put in an offer.

What information is provided in a home report?

A home report is made up of three components:

  • A single survey
  • An energy report
  • A property questionnaire

The single survey

The single survey contains the following information:

  • An assessment of the condition of the property – this includes details about the roof, internal/external walls, plumbing etc.
  • A valuation of the house
  • An accessibility audit for those with particular accessibility needs

The single survey will detail repairs that may need to be carried out, with these being marked as urgent or requiring future attention.

The energy report

The energy report will provide your home with an energy efficiency rating – the more energy efficient your property is, the lower fuel bills are likely to be. The energy report will also consider the impact that your home has on the environment by way of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as looking at how well insulated it is and how it is heated. Recommendations will be provided regarding how the property’s energy efficiency could be improved and how fuel bills can be reduced.

The property questionnaire

You will be required to fill out a property questionnaire to provide potential buyers with helpful information that they will need to know if they are to become the new owners. Some of the main topics addressed in the property questionnaire are:

  • The council tax band of the property
  • Parking arrangements
  • Information about any alterations made to the house
  • Details about the central heating system (if one is installed)
  • Services provided to the property – gas, electricity, telephone, broadband, water mains providers etc.

You will also be asked to provide details about shared or common areas at the property and any responsibilities that come with this – for example, costs for cleaning a stairwell or maintaining a garden. You will also have to provide information on access rights for the property and guarantees on work to be carried out.

Putting together a home report

A specialist residential property solicitor can help you to put together a home report and distribute it to potential buyers.

The single survey and energy report must be undertaken out by a qualified surveyor – you and your solicitor or estate agent will be responsible for completing the property questionnaire.

If a potential buyer asks to see the report, you will need to provide one within nine days.

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