Energy Performance Certificates
Energy Performance Certificates06 March 2019 Written by James & George Collie

lightbulbThe controversy about the introduction of compulsory Home Reports for sellers continues to rage, but one aspect of the Home Report we'd all better get used to is the Energy Performance Certificate or "EPC". With the introduction of Home Reports for properties marketed after 1 December 2008 it became mandatory for all sellers of residential property to obtain an EPC. This has been expanded to cover sales of property marketed before 1 December 2008 and properties marketed for lease after 4 January 2009.


In other words, all properties now on the residential sales or leasing market should have an EPC. If you are obtaining a Home Report from a Surveyor, the EPC will be included within that report. Alternatively, we can instruct an EPC on your behalf at a cost of around £100.


The EPC is not an invention of the Scottish Government. It was passed by the European Parliament in 2002 and applies to all EU member states. This means it's likely to be here to stay no matter what happens with Home Reports.


The EPC is intended to be a report for intending purchasers or tenants on the current energy efficiency of the property with helpful recommendations as to how this can be improved. Examples of these recommendations are installing or increasing loft insulation and installing low energy lighting. Not many people know that it will not be possible to buy a 100 watt bulb after the end of this month!


EPC’s are valid for 10 years from the date of issue so it is important that the original certificate is preserved to avoid paying out for another EPC during the ten year period. It is advisable that an EPC be retained at the property and we have made this part of our standard property offer. Don't put your EPC in the bin!!


It would be easy to dismiss the EPC as more madness from Strasbourg intended to clutter up our lives. There is a serious point here, however, as the intention is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. EPC’s will not go away. It would be unthinkable today for a property sale to founder due to an unsatisfactory EPC but that could happen a few years down the line. The EPC can only gain in importance as Governments take more notice of green and environmental issues.


There are different rules for public buildings. In some cases the EPC needs to be displayed in a "prominent place". You may see an EPC in reception at James & George Collie next time you visit!

For further information on Home Reports and Energy Performance Certificates, please contact Forbes McLennan, Conveyancing Partner – his email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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