Trusts & Executry

When someone dies, there are various procedures that have to be followed in many cases, before that persons assets can be distributed. At this difficult time, we are able to assist in many ways including:-

  • Registering the death and making the funeral arrangements;
  • Assisting the Executors in explaining the terms of a Will and giving the family advice on the procedure to be followed;
  • If there is no Executor appointed, we can arrange for this to be done through the courts.

In Scotland, where someone dies owning a house, flat or land, or substantial other assets, such as in a bank, then it will be necessary to apply to the Sheriff Court for Confirmation to allow the assets to be dealt with. We can assist with ascertaining the amount of the estate, paying any inheritance tax, and then making distributions to the beneficiaries. We realise this is a difficult time and we try to provide advice in as sensitive a manner as possible.

For information and advice please contact Philip G Dawson via email or by telephone 01224 581581, Forbes McLennan via email or by telephone 01224 581581, or Anthony Dawson via email, or by telephone 01224 581581.



Here to assist at difficult times

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