Personal Injury

James & George Collie have many years of experience in handling all types of personal injury compensation claims. We provide a no win/no fee service provided by experienced personal injury lawyers. We routinely prosecute claims in the following areas:

Road Traffic Accidents

Our personal injury solicitors have many years experience in dealing with a range of claims in relation to injury sustained in road accident. Wherever an injury is sustained following upon an accident where the other driver was at fault a claim will lie, we are well placed to deal with all types of cases involving road traffic claims including submission of claims to the Motor Insurers Bureau in a situation where drivers do not have insurance.

Workplace Accidents

We can handle claims in relation to all types of accidents at work from the offshore and construction industries to shops and offices including all types of slip and trip accidents, injuries occasioned during lifting operations, lack of safe systems of work, training, risk assessments and safe equipment. Legislation enacted over the years imposes wind ranging duties on employers to provide effectively a safe working environment to an employee and breach of any of the duties owed can result in a liability to claims.

Medical Negligence

This involves claims against doctors, medical staff, dentists and others providing health care. Where treatment is shown to be below the appropriate professional standard, claims can be made. However, this is a specialised area of the law and expert advice from medical experts is usually required to establish negligence and to assist in quantifying the value of a claim.

If you wish advice in relation to any form of personal injury claim, please in the first instance contact Duncan Love by telephone 01224 581581 or by email.


Reparation Claims

Highly experienced in the handling of all types of compensation claims

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