Collies launch QR Codes ... what are they?

1st August 2011

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional matrix barcode and it looks like a grid of black and white squares, when scanned with a smartphone it takes the user to a relevant website containing; more information, discount codes or even videos.

Common in Japan, their presence in the UK is beginning to grow massively. Major advertisers are now including them in their current campaigns and as such knowledge about their existence and how to use them is steadily spreading.

QR codes are a fantastic way of bringing together the physical world and the digital one, allowing the consumer to quickly make the step in accessing far more information than could be previously communicated.

We at James & George Collie will be rolling out the use of QR codes on our sale boards, allowing potential buyers to immediately find out all of the information they need when they come across these codes. Used together with our new mobile website we’re giving property searchers an immediate and pleasurable browsing experience when out and about.

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